Kashmir Art And Craft Industry

This Blog will help readers to know more about Kashmir Art and Craft Industry And will help them to get insights about the industry.Most of the products in this industry are handmade.

Kashmiri handicrafts is a traditional art of kashmiri artisans who make products and crafts.These craftsmen make all the products by hand .
Most of these products are made from very simple items.Pashmina, Shawls , Carpets , Paper machie , Embroidery etc are the traditional crafts from the valley

Kashmir Art and Craft

Kashmir arts and crafts are famous all over the world. Some famous arts and crafts include Shawl Embroidery , Carpets , Paper Machie Work , Pashmina Shawls etc

Kashmir art and crafts

Kashmiri Shawls (kashmir art and craft)

Kashmir is known for its wide range of shawls. Kashmiri shawls are famous all over the world and are very important part of this Industry.


The  Kashmiri embroidery is famous all over the world. This embroidery is considered to be very rich and exquisite.Also it is famous all over the world.

Pashmina Shawls

Kashmiri Shawls are known worldwide for their colour, design and embroidery work. The fleecy wool obtained  is used for making Pashmina Shawls. They are also called as ring shawls as they can pas through a ring itself. These shawls are known for it elegance , grace and designs. A high value elegant shawl has designs and motifs, equally embellished on both the sides.

Paper Machie

Paper Machie too is a very important part of kashmir art and craft indusstry. The items look similar but are not. The designs and items are vast . Paper machie was orginaly done on wood and paper but nowadays new style has also developed such as paper machie on steel.

Kani Shawls

Kani shawl is considered a king shawl in kashmir art and craft industry. Kani shawl is made from pashmina on a handloom. It is made by using cane needles. Like a carpet the pattern is woven into a shawl. It takes about six to eighteen months to make a kani shawl


Kashmiri carpets are made by hand and are also hand knotted and mostly made using pure
wool and pure silk blends. These carpetss are available in wide range of designs , colours and sizes.
The sizes can be custom made too. Kashmiri carpets are the backbone of the kashmir art and craft industry and has made it famous all over the globe.

It is often said in Kashmir folklore that a home is incomplete without a soul – a Kashmir carpet


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